The Dreamboys – British male strippers

The Dreamboys is British male strip show created by David Richards in 1986, whose purpose was to create a male revue show that gives women exactly what they wanted. The male striptease show consists of stunning muscle men with hot bronzed bodies who know how to dance professionally and have a looks of a Greek gods.

The Dreamboys Show is different from other famous male striptease shows, that has its own style in music, magic and mayhem and that is using real costumes that Women dream about, sexy handsome men and high energy dance program. The Dreamboys have gained Celebrity status and have quickly become the biggest and most known Male Revue show of Great Britain.

The Dreamboys have 11 resident shows in different cities across the UK namely in London, Brighton, Bournemouth, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle.

Here is a video from their youtube channel:

And photos of some of Dreamboys hottest performers:

Stixx muscle male stripper

George male stripper

Jordan male stripper in Essex

Mark Burgum dreamboys stripper

Sammy J male striptease dancer

Sandro male dancer of dreamboys

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