Dancers call

Frisky Dancers Project

This project is aimed at the production of male strip dance videos. Its mission is to show the male beauty and perfection through the art of erotic dance.

We are looking all over the world for someone who can organise the production! Here is the list of who and what is required to orginise:

Performers: experienced male dancers, well-build, muscled with model look 18-30 y.o.

A choreographer who can choose the music, put up the dance and learn the dancer (if the dancer can not set up the dance himself)

Music: licensed music from a special resource (we can not use popular tracks)

The dance: strip dance (pole-dance is welcomed as well), duration of the dance – approximately 7-10 minutes, several music tracks may be used

Location: any simple place suitable for filming the dance (a studio with a scene, dancing scene in a bar etc).

Filming crew: cameramen (can be 2 cameras), editor etc.

Make-up artist

Video requirements: high quality from 2500 to 4500 kbps. Screen size around 720×576, .mp4 format. A video example of beautiful male dance is available.

Photo shoot with a photographer experienced in male photography

No full nudity is necessary.

Full videos will be sold on-line at the download area, one minute previews and photos from photoshoot will be used for promotion of the project.

We provide the covering of all expenses (travelling, accomodation, food, clothing etc) and a good payment for the work. As we are looking for continuous production we are expecting reasonable rates.

Promotion bonus: models will get all the photos from photoshots (without whatermark) for their own use. Taking part in the project is one of the way to get noticed for a model or performer!

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