About Frisky Dancers

Frisky Dancers is a project dedicated to the production of professional videos of various kind of male erotic dance such as striptease, go-go dance and others performed by different dancers willing to join the project.

By now male erotic dance can be rarely seen on videos:  there are quite a few films about male striptease and still less contain full strip show. Maybe such kind of a show is better to be seen in live but viewing it on high quality video will also bring much aesthetic and erotic pleasure.

Behind the The Frisky Dancers there are people who love the male beauty expressed in dance and would love to bring up to the public high quality videos of genuine male erotic dance.

We don not offer porn and we don’t have full frontal nudity in the videos, just occasional one.

Creating the profesional videos with exprienced male strippers is a costly task – by signing up and downloading full videos you give a great help for further project development!

male stripper Ruben from Spain